An EXAKTOR® Sliding Table will be an exceptional asset to your woodworking shop. Available in four sizes with crosscut capacities ranging from 36" to 62", these Sliding Tables are designed for use with most table saws and are equipped with EXAKTOR's unique Quick Release Bracket© that allows quick attachment and removal from the table saw.
The EXAKTOR® EX26, EX26X, EX40 and EX60 models still manufactured in Canada from parts sourced in Canada and the USA. The EX26 and EX26X will crosscut up to 34" and 60", AND, these EX26's can be easily moved and attached for use with your spindle shaper, router table and/or band saw, and they are excellent units for the shop with limited floor space or the need to move the sliding table to another machine or work site.

The two-part Quick Release Bracket is shipped with every Sliding Table allowing the table and rails to be attached, or removed from, the machines by loosening only two locking levers.

An EXAKTOR® Sliding Table makes it safer and easier for you to process large, heavy panels or long stock, with much greater accuracy.

The same quality materials are used in the manufacture of all the EXAKTOR® sliding tables, we do not use lighter materials in our smaller tables.

The Sliding Table travels on two diagonally braced stainless steel guide rails supported by adjustable leveling legs.

Sealed roller bearings are adjustable to guide and control the alignment of the table.

The Sliding Table can be locked at any position on the Guide Rails where it functions simply as a table extension to the side of your saw.

The crosscut Fence can be easily slid from side to side to support work up close to the blade. You can lock the crosscut fence at any angle for miter cutting, from 90° through 45°. The degree markings on the miter scale are widely spaced for easy and accurate set-up.

Two movable Flip-up Work Stops are provided and can be set directly from the measuring scale on the top of the Fence.

Telescopic extensions can be pulled out from the end of the crosscut fence and from the front of the table to support work pieces up to 60" wide and 96" long.

You can position the Fence at the front or rear of the sliding table. When placed at the front of the table at 90° to the saw blade for crosscutting, miters and dados, our larger Sliding Table will accommodate cuts up to 35" in front of the blade. With the Fence set at 90° at the rear of the table, crosscuts greater than 60" can be made.

The crosscut fence can be quickly removed from, or returned to, the Sliding Table as required.

When ripping wide panels, the crosscut fence is removed from the table as a complete assembly; there are no parts to come loose and get lost, and the Sliding Table can be locked in position to provide a sturdy support table to the left of the table saw.

The EX26, EX26X, EX40 and EX60 Sliding Tables are designed to accept shop made panel inserts to close the openings in their tabletops. This will prove useful when cross cutting short work pieces and/or attaching and removing shop-built jigs for the more complicated repetitive saw cuts.

At 90 to the Saw Blade EX26 EX26X EX40 EX60
Fence at the front of the table 20" 20" 27" 36"
Fence at the rear of the table 36" 60" 49" 62"
Fence at the rear of the table, workpiece clearing back of the blade 26" 50" 39" 52"

Packaging & Weights EX26 EX26X EX40 EX60
Table 40 ". 28 ". 55 ". 58 ".
Guide Rails 50 ". 50 ". 45 ". 50 ".
Hardware - 27 ". 20 ". 20 ".
Total 90 ". 105 ". 110 ". 128 ".

It's not easy to find an extra pair of hands when you cut large sheets of material. Also, when cutting longer stock into shorter lengths, the miter guide that comes standard with most table saws is not adequate, and sometimes not even safe. For woodworkers who want safety, ease of use and accuracy, thoughtful design and fine engineering set EXAKTOR's Sliding Table apart.

Here's Why EXAKTOR'S Sliding Table is Exactly Right for You!

    • Stainless steel guide rails carry the sliding table, providing durability and eliminating wear caused when bearings run on painted surfaces. This gives you smoother movement over the longer life of the sliding table.

    • With the unique two-part quick release bracket, the sliding table can be removed from the machine if floor space is limited, and re-attached without loss of alignment. Using optional back plates, the sliding table can be moved and used with another Table Saw, Router Table, Spindle Shaper or Band Saw.

    • Eight sealed bearings encapsulate the outboard guide rail ensuring that the table tracks accurately.

    • The table has wiper brushes that clear sawdust away from the bearings to assure a smooth running surface on the guide rail.

    • Extension bars can be pulled out from the end crosscut fence and the front left corner of the table to support panels up to nine feet by five feet.

    • The crosscut fence is equipped with a stainless steel panel to support work that extends outboard from the sliding table.

    • The crosscut fence has two movable Work Stops that can be aligned with the measuring scale on top of the fence and locked in position for repetitive cuts. Extra Work Stops can be purchased any time.

    • The sliding table is equipped with an adjustable hold-down clamp to hold work firmly against the fence and down against the sliding table.

    • You can crosscut large panels accurately, and make repeat cuts quickly and easily with the Fence positioned at front or back of the Sliding Table.

    • For ripping wide panels, the crosscut fence can be removed, and the table locked in position, to provide additional support to the left of the saw.

    • Table inserts can be used to fill in the top of the open grid tables to provide additional support for short pieces of stock and for attaching shop-built jigs

    • In addition to cutting wide, large panels, the EXAKTOR® Sliding Table is also useful when cutting heavy solid stock to length. You will produce work with more precision than a radial arm saw


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