Like any other precision tool, a saw fence is an investment. And when it comes to choosing investments, thought should be given to the matter. So T-Slot owners rightfully count themselves among the ranks of perfectionists who have high standards and think about the tool they will acquire before they purchase them.

The EXAKTOR® EX100/80 Saw Fence System has been engineered to turn your table saw into a precision cutting machine meeting the need for an accurate saw fence that will hold-up under hard use.

The EX100 Saw Fence is available separately, or with a pair of E80 Guide rails. The fence is compatible with existing 2”x 3” rail systems used with Biesemeyer®, General®, Jet®, Powermatic®, Delta®, and other similarly equipped table saw fences.

The EX100 Fence is an assembly of CNC machined parts that are bolted together with machine screws. In the event of wear or accidental damage it is not necessary to replace the whole fence, only those parts necessary.

The body of the Fence has been extruded from high strength aluminum and coated with a baked-on powder coat finish. Its box like structure and convenient square and parallel adjustment controls work to minimize distortion at the out-feed end of the Fence helping to eliminate kick-backs due to binding of the material being cut. The two integral T-Slots in the top surface of the Fence and the ¼-20 threaded holes in both sides of the Fence body provide a secure and flexible way of attaching accessories and shop-built jigs to the Fence.

The Fence has a sturdy quick-lock cam lever to position and lock the Fence on the front guide rail with the precise measurement for cutting, or to release the Fence for its complete removal from the saw table.

You can position the Fence for cutting on either side of the saw blade without having to dismantling and reassembling any parts. The removable left and right UHPE side faces provide a smooth working surface making it easier for you to push work into and past the saw blade. Both sides of the Fence have four ¼-20 threaded holes that can be used for attaching of shop-made jigs

EXAKTOR’s ® EX80 Guide Rails are constructed from heavy gauge steel with a durable powder coat finish. They will retrofit table saws that have a minimum table edge thickness of 1½”.

The rails are 80” long providing up to 60” rip capacity left or right of the saw blade. Instructions are included to help you build an extension table. With 80” rails it is advisable to use legs to support the extension table.

For added convenience, the lower surface of the front guide rail can be equipped with (optional) flip-up Work Stops to assist you to quickly reposition the Fence to repeat measured cuts accurately.

Precision cutting with your table saw will be faster and always accurate with the addition of the EXAKTOR® Saw Fence System. The necessity of always having to measure from the saw blade to the fence has been eliminated.

You will reduce labor costs by reducing set-up time. You can now put a stop to wrong cuts and work spoilage by using the built-in scale and adjustable hairline cursor to accurately position the saw fence with any type of saw blade.

E100 Fence  
Length 42"
Height 2½"
Width 3"
Width with Side Faces Will fit table saws up to 32" front to back 4½”

E80 Front & Rear Guide Rails  
Length 80"
Front Guide Tube 2”x 3”

Shipping Weight  
(2 pkg., E100 fence & pair E80 guide rails) 75 lbs
(1 pkg., E100 fence only) 25 lbs
(1 pkg., E80 pair guide rails) 50 lbs

Step-by-Step Instructions. Designed to fit most table saws, including Craftsman, Delta, General, Grizzly, Powermatic, Rexon, Rockwell, Sunhill, Wadkin and Walker-Turner etc.

Accurate Cuts Guaranteed

From Thin Rim To Dado Blades, accurate cuts are guaranteed. Without removing the fence from the saw table the operator can quickly align the hairline cursor with the measuring scale and be sure that the Fence is parallel to the saw blade.

Ease of Maintenance

The Saw Fence can be adjusted for squaring to the top of the saw table and for parallelism to the saw blade. All of the parts of the Fence are replaceable without the cost of replacing the fence in the event of accidental damage.

The Ultimate Guarantee

Try the EXAKTOR® Saw Fence System for a full month. If you are not satisfied that this precision fence system is the rip fence you want for your money, you can return the EXAKTOR® system for a full refund of the purchase price. The EXAKTOR® Saw Fence System is sold with a warranty on parts replacement due to defective material or workmanship for as long as you own the fence.


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