The top surface of your work piece will not be scratched, and It is not necessary for you to lift and lock the Guard Basket above the work piece for more efficient dust collection.

The Guard Basket is designed to accommodate the splitter and anti-kick-back pawls that are installed on most table saws.

When changing blades, the Guard Basket is easily moved out of the way.
The EXAKTOR® EX0A-2 OverArm Blade Cover/Dust Collector can be used in conjunction with most table saws. Coupled to an appropriate dust collection system, the EX0A-2 will help control airborne dust thrown up by the revolving saw blade. It has been carefully designed and will perform efficiently, helping to keep your shop's air clean.

The EXOA-2 features a counter-balanced Guard Basket that will accommodate saw blades up to 16" in diameter, raised up to 4" above the table and tilted to 45 degrees. The Guard Basket has in-feed and out-feed wheels and can be quickly positioned to suit the saw blade and the thickness of the material being cut.

The top surface and sides of the steel framed Guard Basket incorporates shatter-proof plastic panels which gives you a clear view of the saw blade at all times. The 'baffling' effect of the Guard Basket, plus the 3.5" diameter flexible hose connecting the Guard Basket to the tubular Boom, makes dust extraction very efficient.
Installation is exceptionally easy. The vertical Mast stands on the floor and is adjustable to the height of the saw table.
The upper section of the Mast is fastened with two locking levers to the right hand end of the saw table or table extension. For quick removal, loosening the locking levers releases the upper part of the Mast.

The Mast supports a telescopic Boom equipped for attaching a 4" vacuum hose.

Boom length is adjustable to allow the saw fence to be positioned up to 70 " from the saw blade.

When required, the horizontal boom and blade cover can be swung out of the way allowing easier access to the saw when changing blades or for maintenance purposes.

Designed to work with most table saws, EXAKTOR'S EXOA-2 OverArm Guard Basket/Dust Collector can be adapted for use in different ways.

Conventional Guard Basket installation with a table saw has the telescopic Mast standing on the floor and positioned at the rear right hand corner of the saw's table or table extension. When cutting stock longer than the space between the blade and the mast, the upper part of the mast and the boom, can easily be removed without the use of tools. The Boom is aluminum , not heavy steel. Weighing only ten pounds, It is easy to lift or move out of the way. Storage hooks are available for your convenience.

The counterbalance weight is positioned at the rear of the Guard Basket assembly providing the operator with a clearer view of the blade while cutting.

The Guard Basket and its counter-balanced suspension can be purchased separately, without the telescopic Boom or Mast, for use as a component in the construction of a 'Blade Cover/Dust Collector' system in another application.

To increase the efficiency of the EXAKTOR'S OverArm Blade Cover/Dust Collector, the horizontal Boom is four inches in diameter. We have found this to be the optimum size tubing for collecting air borne dust with a dust extractor with capacity of moving approximately 600+ cubic feet of air per minute.

Most Guards require removal of the splitter and anti-kickback pawls from the table saw to allow the Guard Basket to rest on the table surface. The EXAKTOR® Guard Basket is designed with shuttered openings at the rear of the cover to allow it to come down over both the saw blade and the splitter when the blade is vertical. This is an important safety consideration.

The provision of splitter and anti-kick-back device is the responsibility of the owner/user of the machine.

The EX0A-2 Blade Cover/Dust Collector is shipped knocked-down in one carton. Follow the enclosed instructions for straight forward assembly. Installation time is usually about half an hour.


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